The 12 Pillars of Self-Discipline

The 12 Pillars of Self-Discipline


Learn The Skill Of Skill Discipline By Understanding The Fundamentals Of Discipline That Your Parents, School System and Society Hasn't Taught You.

Dear Reader,

How long has it been since you stopped trying to make a positive change in your life because you didn't have the discipline to do so?

The change that you know will help you break free from the average life and live according to your grand vision.

Why did you stop?

Good question.

You stopped because you didn’t know how to properly create a sustainable form of discipline. 

The skill of self-discipline. 

The skill to make you recognize that:

You have the ability to create the results that you desire.

You are much stronger than you actually give yourself credit for. 

But, you've never been taught the best way to create this self-discipline. 

You've been backsliding. 

And you've been taking one step forward and two steps back.

Learning how to create self-discipline will help you break free of this destructive pattern.

"You wrote this book in a way that mixes facts with experience and creates a knowledgable experience that people want to relate to. This book tells you exactly what you need to do, and for some such as myself, makes you want to start finding your vision and values as soon as you finish the book. I can tell that this book will have a great impact on me as I reach my full potential. Thank you again."
 - @mivnnv

"This book is really great actually!" - @N_adiiJ

"I started following you because your tweets resonated so deeply with me. Other times a tweet of yours would pop into my news feed with an eery relevance to a current situation in my life. Your tweets give me hope, in this weird way." - Hannah (@peasouttahere)


If you want to understand how to create an emotional vision...

If you want to discover the proven techniques for godly self-discipline...

If you want to develop your ability to get real results…

If you dream for a life of abundance, yet you find yourself procrastinating…

If you want to optimize your values and ways of thinking…

If you know you have what it takes to make it big, reach freedom and start living life under your own terms…

Then, you are about to open up a whole new chapter of your life and start acting from a disciplined perspective, like never before.

Lazy Losers Say: "Self-Discipline Is For Those Who Don't Want To Have Fun & Who Lack The Ability To Let Loose." 

Every day, you are being bombarded with idiots saying the following things:

"Self-discipline creates a boring life."

"Self-discipline creates regret because you waste your youth." 

So, you get stuck but proceed to attempt to make a positive change in your life anyways. 

The first week passes by and you’re happy with your performance. Things are lining up and your motivation is through the roof.

The second week arrives and things get a bit harder, but you manage to pull through.

The third week arrives and before you know it, you're back to your old and unhealthy ways. 

You have lost all motivation to make any productive change whatsoever.

The worst part about this is that you have done this a COUNTLESS number of times, over and over again. 

As a result, you have become frustrated at your inability to act disciplined. 

Some of you may have even given up entirely.

Listen to me: None of that matters. 

The reason you’re struggling is that you aren’t approaching self-discipline strategically. 

Sadly, you are not taught about how to create self-discipline in school and that’s why you see so many people assuming that they are unable to act in such a way.

This guide contains the methods that will transform you into the Ultimate Self-Discipline Machine.

You Are Not Lazy. You Only Need Learn How To Create Self-Discipline Wisely.

For years, you have been convinced that if you lack self-discipline, you are lazy.

This is far from the truth.

Unlike what many believe, the truth is that self-discipline is simple.

That is if you have the necessary understanding.

This is your opportunity to shut down the haters who call you lazy and learn the skill that will bring wealth, freedom and happiness into your life.

What’s Included

How to create a powerful and emotional vision that makes you cry

+ How to discover your values

The 5 step process to understanding your values

+ How to learn the skill of patience

The secret to getting out of your own way

+ The fundamentals of becoming a ninja of consistency

How to avoid backsliding, taking one step forward and two steps back

+ The one rule to make wise choices on a daily basis

How to take 100% responsibility for your life

+ The keys to creating habits that effortlessly bring you results

The 4 fundamental areas of self-discipline & how you can master them 

 Added Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). People have a lot of questions and concerns regarding self-discipline. I have listened to the community and directly answered these questions.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

If you want to finally eliminate procrastination and start achieving results in record time, you need to get The 12 Pillars Of Self-Discipline today.


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Learn The Skill Of Skill Discipline By Understanding The Fundamentals Of Discipline That Your Parents, School System and Society Hasn't Taught You.